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Anthony Sanchez

10/09/2012 07:02 pm

I am asking for your support as well as the support from local, state, and federal levels in seeking relief for the disabled and terminally ill should NOT be disregarded or disposed of..... A DIRE NEED DESPERATELY AND RIGHTFULLY TO SAVE MY HOME - CURRENTLY HOMELESS

I recently received a notice of termination of tenancy regarding my Life Estate. The "Trustee" is quickly pursuing a unlawful detainer and filed a petition with the courts to sell
my home. I originally purchased my home in 2003 and have continued to live in it until present. Being disabled and terminally ill my former boss (now deceased) and dear friend had purchased the home in late 2009. His intent and purpose was that I remain in my house and that I have life tendency. In hopes to eliminate some of my stress which has a direct and major impact of the progression of my disease.

Considering the years I had worked for my former boss and having reliance of a Life Estate. At the time my friend purchased my home there was an agreement that I could repurchase the home at the price in which he paid for it in 2009 if and when possible and at anytime. Regardless that I would have a Life Estate and could remain in my home should I wish to do so.

The Trustee has no regards to my existence other then to dispose of me and has defaulted on mortgage payments with out giving anyone notification. Clearly with intent of forcing the foreclosure process and now as filed a petition with the courts to see my home.
A letter dated January 20th 2012 from the law firm representing the trustee states "anyone of human morals would allow me to remain housed and that I should be left undisturbed - Quite the contrary to the actions taken.

A letter dated April 6th, 2012 form my M.D.
expressed extreme concerns that my progression is far advanced and that it is essential to my health that matters by resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately all things are getting worse. I greatly would appreciate 'ANY SUPPORT' regarding this matter.
Below is a link and a petition in efforts to salvage my home your signature is needed I sincerely thank you for your support !!

A.E. Sanchez

chenghuayao cheng

12/28/2012 11:55 am

Dear friends, thank God, to meet you. Would you please for God's sake, to save a dying patients with mental illness, please remember, as long as the treatment, she can be restored to the original state. Because of the lack of treatment, she currently waiting for death.

Her family was very poor, her parents were farmers, already very old, could no longer afford her life and the cost of treatment, the family daily life is very difficult, almost starved to death, now no one else to help them.

Her name: Cheng Huaqiao her home address : China's Anhui province Dingyuan County pool town king village lobular group number 12 her home phone: 086-0550-4857163
她的姓名:程华桥 她的家庭住址:中国 安徽省 定远县 池河镇 大王村 小叶组12号 她家的电话:086-0550-4857163

Sandy Pon

01/02/2013 03:10 pm

Please note that the Foundation Center does not give grants, recommend specific funders, or approach them on your behalf. You might try contacting relief agencies that are working in your country/province. These sites can help you identify relief agencies in your country: