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New Non Profit Needs Business Plan

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RaShawn Parker-Tremble

01/23/2012 11:36 am

I need examples of what a non established non profit puts in their business plan.

The Fifty Co-Op USA

01/23/2012 03:09 pm

I would put forward that SCORE, may be a resource.They have templates available at the link below.

Kristine Scott

Cynthia Bailie

02/07/2012 10:15 am

Hi RaShawn: Have you checked this out yet?

How do I write a business plan for a nonprofit organization?

Nika Quirk

02/14/2012 02:54 pm

Check out the One Page Business Plan for Non-Profit Organizations - here's the link:

It offers a good process for thinking through the content of a plan, includes examples and I think they still include a CD with templates in Word and Excel.

The Fifty Co-Op USA

02/28/2012 01:38 pm

Another possible resource is the Unversity of Houston's Small Business Development Center.They have resources about Business Plans as well as Business and Market Research.