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What can nonprofits learn from the for-profit world?

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Cynthia Bailie

05/10/2012 09:30 am

Check out this excellent post -

Quote: "It's clear, however, nonprofits to supplement our old strategies with newer ones if we're going to accomplish the goals society needs us to accomplish because the numbers show that the old methods are not working."

The author offers three strategy ideas for nonprofits to consider: 1) side ventures, 2) grown-up partnerships, and 3) new money from your core business.

How is your organization adding revenue to its funding mix?

Jayne Cravens

07/05/2012 06:27 pm

On the other hand... there is SO much the for-profit world could learn from nonprofits: for instance, how to engage with community online (so many nonprofits do it *so* much better than businesses), or how to keep staff motivated (nonprofits rarely can do it with money!). In addition, many nonprofits have areas of specialization that the for-profit world could greatly benefit from, such as dealing with people who are experiencing severe emotional stress, or helping people in a post-disaster situation. One way a nonprofit can increase revenues is to offer training to corporations and businesses regarding some of the things nonprofits do so well!

Cynthia Bailie

07/09/2012 10:17 am

I am sure there are examples out there of this type of activity. I know of one - BVU: Center for Nonprofit Excellence They work with the business community to train and place board members, among other things. I think it's a good example of what you suggest, Jayne. Do you know of other good examples? Please share!

I'd also love to take a look at the nonprofits you know of that are successfully engaging with community online. Do you have some that you like a lot? Please share! - Institute for Community Transformation - Institute for Community Transformation

02/26/2013 03:14 am

Dear All
I introduces myself,
my Name is Gondo from - Institute of Society Transformation, from Indonesia, we are building a social busines with our partners and community assistance, to sustain our organization, so we are looking for lots of information about how to do business the right social for a Non Profit Organization.
We are glad to learn from you and get the information from you.
Thank you


Jatrova is Transforming Society Institute. A container for the active role and the action taken in enhancing the capacity of the Community Development and the Environment.

Sandy Pon

02/28/2013 11:05 pm

Welcome, Gondo! You might start with our Knowledge Base Articles on sustainability:

As more questions arise, we invite you to use our Ask Us service: