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Can My Business Be a Nonprofit?

Can My Business Be a Nonprofit?
Feb 26, 2014  

Your business idea has some charitable aspects. Are they enough to qualify for nonprofit status? If so, should you still start a nonprofit? Get answers and guidance from Erin Bradrick, Senior Counsel of NEO Law Group.

Introduction to Finding Funders

Introduction to Finding Funders
Nov 18, 2013  

This session provides an introduction to one of the key online tools for finding funders, Foundation Directory Online Professional.

Messaging What Matters: Making Meaning to Make a Difference

Messaging What Matters
Nov 15, 2013  

Gain tools to strategically develop brand-level and program-level messages to guide your nonprofit’s communication efforts.  

Building Nonprofit-Business Partnerships for the 21st Century

Building Nonprofit-Business Partnerships for the 21st Century
Nov 12, 2013  

Learn how nonprofit leaders are crafting new sustainable relationships with businesses and corporations.

How to Apply to Creative Capital

How to Apply to Creative Capital - 10-28-13
Oct 28, 2013  

View the recording of an information session on Creative Capital's upcoming grant round.

Recent Trends & Future Prospects for Arts & Culture Funding

Arts Trends - 2013-10-25
Oct 25, 2013  

Examine the latest trends in foundation funding for the arts.

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Get Grants for Using Corporate Volunteers

Adam Weinger
Mar 27, 2014  

What are "Dollars for Doers" corporate grants? If your org has employed volunteers, you might qualify for them. Learn about them from Adam Weinger, president of Double the Donation.

How to Choose a Fiscal Sponsor

Ellis Carter
Jonathan Spack
Jan 30, 2014  

When choosing a fiscal sponsor, what should you look for (or avoid)? What questions should you ask? Get answers from attorney Ellis Carter of Carter Law Group, P.C., and Jonathan Spack, steering committee chair for  National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and executive director of Third Sector New England.

How to Thank Your Donors

Andrea Berry
Lisa Sargent
Nov 18, 2013  

Your thank you letter can motivate donors to stay with (or leave) your organization. Learn the dos & don’ts of thanking your supporters from Andrea Berry, director of partnerships and learning at Idealware, and Lisa Sargent, president of Sargent Communications.


Frances Kunreuther
Jun 21, 2013

Philanthropy Chat - Vision for Change: Frances Kunreuther Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership


Ted Mitchell
Jun 14, 2013

Philanthropy Chat - Unlocking Gaming Potential: Ted Mitchell on the NewSchools Venture Fund/ Learning Games Accelerator


Julie and Denise
Feb 26, 2013

How Social Media Has Changed Donor Behavior, and What Your Organization Can Do About It


Nancy Kalikow Maxwell
Oct 22, 2012

Philanthropy Chat: Nancy Maxwell on Grant Collaborations with Libraries


Marga Fripp
Oct 05, 2012

Arts Marketing with Marga Fripp of Empowered Women International


Beverly Schwartz
Oct 03, 2012

Philanthropy Chat: Beverly Schwartz Discusses Social Entrepreneurs