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Fundraising for Social Change: What’s New, What’s Hot; What’s Over, What’s Not

Sep 30, 2015  

Internationally known trainer, speaker and author Kim Klein will look at the challenges and opportunities for fundraising in the next few years. 

Donor Acquisition Beyond Direct Mail

Aug 13, 2015  

Join us for a panel discussion on effective alternative tactics for acquiring new donors, including online as well as some new twists on "old school" tactics. Panelists represent organizations of varying sizes and ages that have successfully grown significantly over the years. 

Quantifying Hope: Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys

Jul 22, 2015  

This panel discussion among Bay Area foundation leaders is about supporting local efforts to support Black men and boys, lessons learned, and future directions for this work. Also, hear highlights from a recent report published by Foundation Center and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

Cracking the Funding Code: Tech Corporate Giving Trends

Jun 30, 2015  

Get an insider’s look at corporate philanthropy giving trends in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, particularly focusing on education funding trends, from Xilinx, Symantec, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which manages more than 100 corporate philanthropy programs.

How Tech Gives: Strengthening Public Education

Jun 09, 2015  

Learn how your education organization can attract — and keep — the attention of corporations that provide funding for technology, with advice from LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Zynga.

Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

video still of Vodafone Americas Foundation interview
Feb 25, 2015  

Vodafone Americas Foundation's annual Wireless Innovation Project is a competition to promote innovation and increase implementation of wireless related technology for a better world. 

Surf’s Up: Moving from the Board That You Have to the Board That You Need

Lisa Hoffman
Feb 24, 2015  

Identify your board and organization's developmental stage, then learn how to align them to generate harmonious enthusiasm and engagement, with consultant and trainer Lisa Hoffman.

Prospecting Secrets to Building a Major Donor Program

Armando Zumaya
Feb 24, 2015  

Learn various options for prospect research, how to work with your board and volunteers, best methods for cultivating and approaching donors, how to use events, and more, from 30-year veteran development officer and lecturer Armando Zumaya.

Make a Video for the Non-Profit You Love for Under $50

Benjamin Packard
Jan 07, 2015  

90 minute workshop catered to nonprofits interested in using video to supplement their marketing and fundraising campaigns. 

Meet the Grantmakers: What's Trending in Arts Funding

Meet the Grantmaker panelists
Oct 29, 2014  

Bay area grantmakers share new and emerging areas of interest and reflect on best practices for securing foundation support. 

Empowering Low-Income Women

Rising Tide
Oct 14, 2014  

Rising Tide: Empowering Low-Income Women showcases innovation and women tackling the issue of empowerment and poverty. 

Digi.lit: The Digital Publishing Revolution Finally Explained

Digi.lit panelists
Oct 13, 2014  

The world of publishing is changing rapidly due to the digital revolution. In this recorded program, you’ll get the latest insider’s scoop on how to publish an ebook. 

Cultivating Your Fundraising Team

Cultivating Your Fundraising Team panelists
Sep 30, 2014  

Seasoned professionals and volunteers offer approaches and techniques on how to create and nourish a successful fundraising team from your staff and board.

Meet the Grantmakers: How Tech Gives

How Tech Gives title slide
Sep 30, 2014  

Top tech donors in the Bay Area discuss their companies' current philanthropic priorities and strategies, forecast their giving for 2015, reflect on corporate philanthropy trends, and share insights about emerging trends in the tech sector, including innovation labs, donated employees and equipment, and impact assessment. 

Implementing Online Donation Systems: Three Common Mistakes

Marc Halpert, Your Best Interest LLC
Aug 07, 2014  

What are the three most common mistakes that organizations make as they implement online donations systems? Answers from Marc Halpert, owner of Your Best Interest LLC.


Social Capital: Supporting the Community Beyond Grants

Erin McIntyre and Teleange' Thomas
Jun 27, 2014  

Erin McIntyre, Program Officer, and Teleange' Thomas, Program Director, of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, talk about their grantmaking priorities and philanthropy.

What Should Applicants Avoid on Proposals

Jill Paulsen, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
May 16, 2014  

Jill Paulsen, Deputy Director of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture discusses how proposals are funded and answers the question "What to avoid on proposals?"

Reflections on Powerful Board Recruitment

Lisa Hoffman
Apr 24, 2014  

Lisa Hoffman shares thoughts on powerful board recruitment. 

Common Mistakes of EDs & Board Members

Jan Masaoka
Apr 24, 2014  

How is the board’s firing of an ED similar to a romantic breakup? Jan Masaoka explains. 

Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money

Andy Robinson
Apr 24, 2014  

"Start small. Start incrementally. Start with your board where they are," advises consultant and author Andy Robinson.

How to Write Persuasive Proposals in a Short(er) Story Format

Cheryl A. Clarke
Apr 24, 2014  

Cheryl A. Clarke shares tips on how to avoid common mistakes in writing proposals.

The Best Way to Connect with a Foundation

Robert Jaquay, The George Gund Foundation
Mar 21, 2014  

Robert Jaquay, Associate Director of The George Gund Foundation, discusses helpful tips for grant seekers while also answering the question, "What is the best way to connect with a foundation?"

Philanthropic Support for LGBTQ Issues

Mar 04, 2014  

Rising Tide, explored the people, the stories, the issues, and the programs that comprise the landscape of Cleveland's local LGBTQ community. Learn what's happening related to LGBTQ programming in youth, families, aging, health, employment, or social justice – from a wealth of local and national experts. 

LGBTQ Issues: Introduction

LGBTQ Issues
Mar 04, 2014  

Rising Tide, explored the people, the stories, the issues, and the programs that comprise the landscape of Cleveland's local LGBTQ community. Learn what's happening related to LGBTQ programming in youth, families, aging, health, employment, or social justice – from a wealth of local and national experts. 

LGBTQ Issues: Story Tellers

Phyllis Harris
Mar 04, 2014  

This section of story tellers showcases new ways of solving old problems by lifting up social innovators who are changing the landscape of Cleveland's local LGBTQ community.