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Showing That Your Work Matters: Robert Fischer on Program Evaluation

Jul 14, 2011  

Dr. Robert Fischer of Case Western Reserve University discusses why program evaluation is important, as well as some of the pitfalls that can occur.

Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Be Telling

Apr 19, 2011  

Kivi Leroux Miller, author of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause, removes some of the mystery from the storytelling process and discusses how to tell your nonprofit’s story.

Meet the Grantmakers: Online Grant Applications and Reporting

Jun 07, 2011  

This panel discussion covers how to use online grant applications, how grantmakers design their online systems to effectively manage across the cycle of a grant, and what nonprofits can do to navigate the system efficiently.

Meet the Author - Amy Eisenstein: 50 Asks in 50 Weeks: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Your Small Development Shop

Jun 02, 2011  

Amy M. Eisenstein, principal and owner of Tri Point Fundraising, a full-service consulting firm for nonprofit organizations and foundations, discusses key takeaways from her new book 50 Asks in 50 Weeks: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Your Small Development Shop.

Creating a Successful Nonprofit Organization: Getting it Right the First Time

Jun 01, 2011  

In this session Stephen Falla Riff, an experienced attorney in nonprofit law, and a panel of nonprofit executive directors will discuss the early stages of a high-functioning nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit Collaboration: Focus on Networks and Coalitions

May 24, 2011  

This session focuses on two specific types of collaborations - coalitions and networks. Jared Raynor, Senior Consultant at TCC Group, provides an overview of these approaches, Gonzalo L. Mercado, Executive Director of El Centro del Immigrante and Chung-Wha Hung, Executive Director of New York Immigration Coalition provide first-hand accounts of participating in these kinds of collaborations on the ground.

From The Case Foundation: Engaging Your Donors Online

Sarah Koch
Jan 20, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with Facebook Causes and The Foundation Center: Sarah Koch of Causes on Facebook discusses how to best engage supporters online. Koch suggests that organizations provide opportunities for users to actively participate rather than just absorb information in order to foster involvement and excitement.

From The Case Foundation: How Nonprofits Can Use Causes on Facebook

Sarah Koch
Jan 20, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with Facebook Causes and The Foundation Center: How can nonprofits best use Causes on Facebook for advocacy, awareness, and fundraising? Sarah Koch shares tips for taking advantage of the tools Causes offers -- from creating compelling content to building a community of supporters.

From The Case Foundation: Facebook Causes and Impact-Based Fundraising

Sarah Koch
Jan 20, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with Facebook Causes and The Foundation Center: How can nonprofits raise funds more effectively? Sarah Koch of Causes on Facebook shares her recommendations for online fundraising related to a specific initiative.

From The Case Foundation: Tips For Using Social Media Professionally

Allie Burns
Jan 26, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with The Foundation Center: VP of Communications Allie Burns shares tips for using Facebook and Twitter professionally for an organization.

From The Case Foundation: Using Personal vs. Professional Twitter Accounts

Allie Burns
Jan 26, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with The Foundation Center: VP of Communications Allie Burns shares why it is necessary that organizations utilize both personal and professional twitter accounts for executing communications.

From The Case Foundation: Time Management For Professional Social Media Users

Allie Burns
Jan 26, 2011  

From The Case Foundation, in collaboration with The Foundation Center: VP of Communications Allie Burns shares tips on how to manage your time to effectively when using professional social media

Take a One-Minute Tour of the Nonprofit Collaboration Database

Collaboration database
Jul 01, 2011  

The Nonprofit Collaboration Database is a resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofits are working together. Find information from more than 250 nonprofit collaborations drawn from the 2009 Collaboration Prize, created by the Lodestar Foundation.

Meet the Grantmakers: Navigating Corporate Philanthropy in the New Normal

Meet The Grantmakers
Nov 12, 2010  

Hear several Bay Area corporate givers reflect on corporate philanthropy in the current economic environment. 

Coffee and Conversation: The McGregor Foundation

Susan Althans
May 13, 2011  

Susan O. Althans of The McGregor Foundation talks about their human services funding in Greater Cleveland. The Foundation funds programs that meet the needs of the economically disadvantaged and frail elderly in Cuyahoga County. They support home and community based care, particularly programs such as affordable housing; workforce development; and quality of life programming for seniors in all settings.

Launching a New Nonprofit Organization: Your Road Map to Resources

May 05, 2011  

Danielle Lanyard presents on a treasure trove of the wide range of resources available for people looking to start a new nonprofit organization or venture, including some of the Foundation Center’s tools.

Getting Started with Causes on Facebook for Your Online Fundraising Campaign

May 04, 2011  

In this interactive session, Sarah Koch, senior manager of Nonprofit Services for Causes on Facebook, explains the process of getting started on Causes. She shows how to create and edit a nonprofit cause, how to build and manage a community of engaged supporters and how to recruit members to the cause online and offline.

Meet the Grantmakers: Navigating the New Normal in the Arts World

Oct 26, 2010  

In this program, representatives of four grantmaking organizations discuss how current economic forces are impacting foundation support for the arts.

Susan Althans Discusses Human Services Grantmaking at the McGregor Foundation

Susan O. Althans
May 13, 2011  

Susan O. Althans, Senior Associate for the McGregor Foundation, answers specific questions regarding grantmaking for human services programs in the Cleveland area.

Expanding the Reach of Your Mission through Volunteer Programs

Expanding the Reach
Apr 27, 2011  

Kevin Cummings (Director of Civic Corps for NYC Service), Gabriel Shanks (Executive Director of The Drama League), Meghan Moloney (Senior Director of Programs for New York Cares), and Fran Smyth (Manager of Arts & Business Services for the Arts and Business Council of New York) provide insight on how to cultivate and maintain a lasting and productive relationship with people who will work for your organization for free. They also discuss how to access existing programs to source your volunteer needs.

Citizens at the Center: The Power of Grassroots Grantmaking

Citizens at the Center
Apr 14, 2011  

Grassroot Grantmakers, and Neighborhood Connections joined distinguished panel guests to explore grassroots grantmaking as a social change strategy that's about more than just grants.

Grassroots Grantmaking: A Conversation With Janis Foster Richardson

Janis Foster Richardson
Apr 14, 2011  

Grassroots Grantmakers' executive director Janis Foster Richardson discusses increasing the leadership capacity of neighborhood residents to drive community change and building connections that boost citizen influence.

Increasing the Impact of Donor Research

Donor Research
Apr 20, 2011  

Jon Thorsen, a leader in the field of development research and the Director of Advancement Services at the Nature Conservancy, explain research techniques, products and services – from data modeling to portfolio assessment and relationship management.

Best Practices for Auditing Procedures for Nonprofits

Apr 13, 2011  

Ethan Kahn, CPA at ERE LLP, Steven Scicere, Director of Contract Agency Audits at the Department of Youth & Community Development, and Jenny Walty, Assistant Director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services discuss how nonprofits can prepare for and execute audits.

Build the Exemplary Board Your Organization Deserves

Apr 13, 2011  

In this program, attorney Holly Gregory of Weil Gotshal & Manges discussed the legal guidelines and responsibilities of board members, and Inna R. White, CIO and founder of the hedge fund Althea Group, detailed some of her personal experiences serving as a board member.