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Proposal Writing Insights

Remember these key elements when crafting a grant proposal, according to Miyesha Perry, Manager of Grants and Administration at the Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation. This is a recap of a special program at Foundation Center Washington D.C.

What Are Your Goals for 2015?

Tell us about your goals for this year in a 1-question poll, get a peek at what will happen at GrantSpace, and get some advice if you're still in the goal-setting process.

A Two-Step Exercise for Designing Your Best Board

Try this exercise: Gather your board members around a whiteboard or flip chart. Ask the following question: “If we could design the perfect board for our group, what skills and qualities would we look for in prospective board members?”


Beyond the Kitchen Table: The Board’s Evolving Role

If somebody tries to convince you that there is only one correct model of board governance, beware! No single “right way” will be relevant to all nonprofits, or even to a specific organization at different stages in its life.


How to Make a Video for Your Nonprofit for Under $50

People are 17 times more likely to email a friend a link to a video than a link to an article. As a “megaphone for your message,” video are just as important as websites to connect with potential donors or participants. Benjamin Packard, founder of Retainer Media, a boutique video production company that works with nonprofits and social enterprises, provides tips for novices in this event recap. 

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