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Collaboration Hub

Welcome to the Collaboration Hub!

Develop smarter partnerships

The Collaboration Hub serves as a home to vast resources related to collaboration in the social sector. This Hub includes valuable publications, questions and answers, links to videos and podcasts, blog posts, and a comprehensive, searchable collection of 650+ profiles of vetted collaborations submitted for the Collaboration Prize in 2009 and 2011.

We encourage you to start by searching the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, where each profile provides information about the collaboration’s participants, methods, successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Looking for funding prospects or collaborators?

What did you like? What could work better? Please tell us! 

The Collaborative Map

The Collaborative Map created by La Piana Consulting presents the range of ways that independent organizations can come together in pursuit of a shared goal. It offers a definition and example for each "type". 

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Looking for funding prospects?

The Collaboration Hub isn’t designed to find funding prospects. Instead, please use Foundation Directory Online (FDO), our searchable database of grantmakers. How to access FDO:


Looking to collaborate with other organizations?

The Collaboration Hub isn’t designed to be a matching service. The Nonprofit Collaboration Database contains 650+ case studies on back-office consolidation, joint programming, mergers, and alliances from which you can learn what worked and what didn't. Organizations listed here may or may not be open to new partners; contact them directly for definitive answers. Here are other ways to find potential partners:

  • Consider organizations that you’ve with worked before or are otherwise familiar with
  • Ask your professional networks to suggest organizations with similar or complimentary missions or target populations
  • Check out GuideStar or the Internet to research organizations that would complement your own work

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