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Guia para escribir propuestas

Guia para escribir propuestas

en español

This Spanish-language edition of our popular Guide delivers comprehensive instruction on both the basics and the finer points of this crucial skill. Based on recent interviews with grantmakers, theGuide provides insight into the grant decision-making process as well as the many technological strides made in the grantmaking community.

Guía para escribir propuestas also features a special appendix listing consultants and technical assistance providers who can help Spanish speakers craft proposals in English, or give advice on fundraising.

Author Jane Geever, who has been creating successful proposals for over 25 years, guides you through the entire process, from pre-proposal planning to the writing itself, to the essential post-grant follow-up. The volume features:

  • Pre-Proposal Planning Tips — Learn to determine when your nonprofit is ready to raise funds and how to define your project for prospective funders.
  • Sample Proposals — Excerpts from actual proposals — cover letters, project descriptions, budgets, and more — provide you with models of well-constructed grant proposals that have won foundation support.
  • Grantmaker Guidance — This edition reflects surprising findings from an in-depth survey of 39 grantmakers. You'll hear candid, targeted answers to questions on preferred proposal formats, follow-up strategies, how to re-submit a rejected request, and more.

March 2008
295 pp.

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