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Where can I find grants for musicians?

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Please see our main Knowledge Base article for more funding information and resources for artists of all types: Where can I find grants for individual artists?

Musician and author David Cutler tells us in his blog post about income models that "grants [to musicians] can provide support for projects or an income source that allows you to focus attention on that project." He warns though that "these competitive awards are far from guaranteed." An example would be a grant that pays for you to compose a piece or make a recording.

He also states in his book The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living & Making a Difference (Helius Press, 2010) that "to increase your chances of success, apply for multiple grants when possible." Cutler also recommends even "targeting opportunities not specifically designed for musicians."

Below are selected resources to help you get started as you seek grants for your music project.

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