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Can our international NGO raise funds in the U.S.?

The simple answer is "yes".

While most U.S. foundations and corporations give grants only to domestic organizations, some grantmakers will give directly to international charities or NGOs. These funders may need to conduct an equivalency determination in order to establish that the NGO is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. This review process may be done by the foundation or the prospective grantee’s counsel. Learn how foreign organizations can find U.S. grantmakers with our article, Where can I find information on grants to non-U.S. organizations?

International NGOs also can seek donations from individuals. Be aware that most states require individuals and organizations to register before soliciting contributions there. More info about registration...

International organizations might qualify for more funding opportunities if they work with fiscal sponsors or start their own 501(c)(3) charities. This is especially true if they want to solicit tax-deductible charitable contributions from individual donors, who cannot claim this benefit if they donate to most foreign organizations. However, these new charities should be formed to support a mission and not act only as a conduit to send funds abroad.

Learn about fiscal sponsorship with our Knowledge Base Article, What is fiscal sponsorship? How do I find a fiscal sponsor?

Learn about obtaining your own 501(c)(3) status with our Knowledge Base Article, How do I start a nonprofit organization?

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