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Does Foundation Center offer Raiser’s Edge® training?

Foundation Center does not offer any training in the use of Raiser’s Edge software, but Blackbaud, the software's vendor, offers a variety of online and in-person training options. Select "Search for Training" to review its offerings.

Other ways to find Raiser's Edge training:

Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority posted these tips for getting Raiser's Edge experience on Quora:

If you are already working for a non-profit that uses Raiser's Edge: Ask your database administrator or your Blackbaud (the company that makes the software) rep to help you make a back up copy of the database that you can use to play around with, run reports, enter new data, etc. without corrupting your main donor file.

If you are working for a non-profit that is thinking about buying Raiser's Edge (and you want to gain experience to see if you like it): Call a Blackbaud salesperson, and ask them to set you up with a demo copy.

If you want to gain experience with Raiser's Edge to help you land a new job:

  • Pay for a training class. [See suggestions above.]
  • Hook up with a non-profit as a volunteer. Is there a local non-profit that might let you volunteer with them (for a significant time commitment), and in return will spend a couple of hours training you on Raiser's Edge? For example, if you are already a fundraising pro, a local church or charity might want your help badly enough as a volunteer fundraiser that their staff will agree to train you for free.
  • Offer a training period. If the only skill missing is your Raiser's Edge knowledge, tell the nonprofit you are interviewing with that you would be willing to work your first week for free to spend 40 hours training on Raiser's Edge. They may think it is a great trade-off.

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