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How can I find out about the most generous philanthropists in the United States?

Several publications produce annual lists of the most generous philanthropists, according to different criteria. What you won’t find in these lists, however, is personal contact information. Wealthy public figures are inundated with requests for money, and it would be an invasion of privacy to publish their phone numbers or private email address.

However, many of these individuals give to nonprofits through their own foundations. To find out if someone is affiliated with a foundation, you can look them up in Foundation Directory Online . Just put the name into the “Who’s Who” field under Advance Search & Filters.

In addition, there are a number of subscription databases that allow you to search for high-net-worth individuals, and see to which causes they’ve given. This way you can see if a potential donor has any interest in funding organizations like yours, instead of just approaching wealthy people at random.

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