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Philanthropy Chat: Michael Seltzer on Nonprofit Survival in Uncertain Times


Michael Seltzer, educator, consultant, and author of the Foundation Center's book, Securing Your Organization's Future, discusses how today's economic downturn compares to others he has weathered during his 40 year career and shares advice from his A-Z Survival Guides for Uncertain Times.

Philanthropy Chat: Foundation Giving in Times of Economic Distress


Steven Lawrence, senior director of research at the Foundation Center and author of two recent research advisories on foundation giving and giving priorities in times of economic downturn, discusses why the outlook for foundation giving is not as pessimistic as current economic conditions might suggest.

Philanthropy Chat: Clifford Cooper on the Economy's Impact on Faith-Based Organizations


Clifford Cooper, principal of Cooper & Associates, shares insights from more than 20 years of experience in working to advance the community programs of faith-based organizations. He discusses how the faith community is faring in the current economy while providing social services to the most vulnerable populations, and shares advice and inspiration for staying focused in tough times.

Corporate Philanthropy in Silicon Valley: Insights on Weathering the Economic Storm


Wondering how your revenue from corporate donors will be impacted as a result of recent economic events? Learn how Silicon Valley corporations have behaved during prior periods of economic uncertainty. This discussion focuses on practical tips for weathering the economic downturn with corporate partners. This is a recording of a live event in San Francisco.

Philanthropy Chat: Anne Wilson on the Economic Downturn's Effects on Bay Area Nonprofits


Anne Wilson, chief executive officer for the United Way of the Bay Area, discusses findings from the United Way's recent survey of Bay Area nonprofits. She shares advice about strategies that nonprofits might employ to remain sustainable during these challenging times.

Philanthropy Chat: Tamara Lucas Copeland on the Economy's Effects on Washington D.C.'s Philanthropy


Tamara Lucas Copeland, president of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, discusses findings from the association's survey, which asked its members about how the economic downturn is affecting their giving in 2008 and what might happen in 2009.

Philanthropy Chat: Kim Klein on Fundraising in Challenging Economic Times


Kim Klein, educator, author, and fundraising consultant, shares strategies and insights on how nonprofits should approach fundraising during difficult economic times.

Philanthropy Chat: Paul Woldar on Common Sense Financial Advice for Funders and Nonprofits


Paul Woldar, president of the Edwin & Shirley Woldar Family Foundation and president of Legacy Financial Management, explains his family foundation's work as well as special challenges due to the economic crisis.

Online Fundraising Strategies for Tough Times


Learn the best free or low-cost web resources available to nonprofits and essential aspects of viral marketing, e-mail appeals, social networking, search engine optimization, keyword metatags, and affiliate marketing. This is a recording of a live panel discussion.

Yvonne Moore on Building Grantmaker-Grantee Relationships


Leeanne G-Bowley, manager of national training at the Foundation Center, interviews Yvonne Moore, executive director of the Daphne Foundation, a family foundation supporting programs that confront the causes and consequences of poverty in the five boroughs of New York City.

The Economic Crisis: A First Look at Foundation and Corporate Giving


Steven Lawrence, senior director of research at the Foundation Center and author of three recent research advisories on foundation giving in times of economic downturn, shares a first look at how foundations and corporate givers are responding, insights gleaned from examining the grants and other financial investments of close to 50 institutional donors that have announced over $100 million in support.

Funders Speak: Joel Ratner, Raymond John Wean Foundation


This edition of Funders Speak features Joel Ratner, president of the Raymond John Wean Foundation, who discusses how the foundation is trying to do things as much the same as possible while continuing to invest in a process of community change in Ohio's Mahoning Valley.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Cover Payne on the Economy's Effects on the DC Arts Community


Jennifer Cover Payne, president of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, explains how the economic recession is affecting the Washington, DC region's arts community, suggests survival strategies, and describes her organization's services.

Funders Speak: Cristin Slesh on Her Foundation Clients' Responses to the Economy


The Foundation Center-Cleveland is pleased to work with Ohio Grantmakers Forum to present a series of podcasts with Ohio funders discussing how they are responding to the economic downturn. It is our hope that this information will be useful to both grantseeking nonprofits and grantmakers. Our premier edition features Cristin Slesh, president, Foundation Management Services, a consulting firm that provides program support to seven Ohio private foundations.

Philanthropy Chat: Mal Warwick on Effective Fundraising During a Challenging Economy


Mal Warwick has just written the book on how to respond to the recession: Fundraising When Money is Tight. Listen to this interview, conducted by Janet Camarena of the Foundation Center-San Francisco, to learn how to use scenario planning as a tool, avoid common mistakes, plan for leaner times, and strengthen your case for giving.

Funders Speak: The Dayton Foundation's Response to the Economic Crisis in Ohio


Michael Parks, president, and Barbra Stonerock, director of community relations, describe how The Dayton Foundation is responding to the economic crisis.

Funders Speak: Hedy Milgrom, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland


Hedy Milgrom, assistant vice president and director of endowments & foundations for the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, describes the Federation's grantmaking program, which consists of more than 40 supporting foundations and nearly 1,000 donor-advised and special purpose funds. She also discusses how the foundations are reacting to the economy.

Funders Speak: Valerie Raines, KeyBank Foundation


Valerie Raines, vice president for corporate philanthropy and senior program officer at KeyBank Foundation, discusses the impact of the economy on the foundation's giving.

Philanthropy Chat: The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta's Common Good Funds


Whether in times of crisis or to improve effectiveness, foundations and nonprofits undergo changes to better serve their constituents. Lita Ugarte Pardi, program officer at The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, discusses changes to its giving, particularly with its Common Good Funds.

Funders Speak: Susanna H. Krey, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland


Foundation president Susanna H. Krey says, "The impact on our endowment is a deferred problem, a problem waiting to happen. Our 2009 budget is just as strong as our 2008 budget. We are staying the course for 2009, but putting a plan in place for the changing environment around us." Learn more about how the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland is responding to the economic downturn.

Philanthropy Chat: Rachel Spears on Free Legal Assistance for Atlanta Nonprofits


Rachel Spears, executive director of Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, shares how nonprofits in Atlanta can qualify for free legal assistance to manage and grow their nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropy Chat: Michael Seltzer on How to Downsize a Nonprofit


Writer, educator, and nonprofit leader Michael Seltzer brings more than 40 years of experience to this conversation about sensitive issues raised in his PhilanTopic post, "Strategies for Hard Times: How to Downsize a Nonprofit". He circles the conversation about cost-cutting, collaboration, and staff development back to the hard question, "How can nonprofits handle workforce reductions when all else fails?"

Philanthropy Chat: Rosetta Thurman on Social Media and the Role of Young Nonprofit Leaders


Rosetta Thurman holds multiple titles: director of development and special programs at the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington; publisher of Perspectives from the Pipeline; and principal of Thurman Consulting. In addition, she is rapidly emerging online as a prolific spokesperson for the next generation of nonprofit sector leadership. Ms. Thurman shares her thoughts on social media and the role young nonprofit leaders can play in helping organizations weather the economic storm.

Philanthropy Chat: Nicole Hanrahan on Earned Income


Nicole Hanrahan, director of Community Wealth Ventures, discusses strategies nonprofits can use to generate their own revenue, based on her experience as a consultant to an array of organizations pursuing business ventures in the areas of economic development, education, and other major fields. Ms. Hanrahan shares advice, tips, and pitfalls to avoid when beginning a nonprofit social enterprise aimed at earned income.

Volunteers for the Arts


Learn to recruit, train, and manage volunteers for New York City nonprofit organizations. Get key advice about legal considerations, recognition, and finding volunteers who can provide professional services. This is a recording of a live event.