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Philanthropy Chat: Morrie Warshawski on How to Raise Funds for Film and Video


Morrie Warshawski, consultant and author of Shaking the Money Tree: How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video, shares advice and lessons learned from his many years of helping filmmakers, arts organizations, and other nonprofit groups fulfill their fundraising goals.

Sherry Heyl: How Arts Groups Can Use Social Media


Social media consultant Sherry Heyl previews her program on how arts organizations can use social media to share their artistic "hearts and souls" and connect with their audiences.

Philanthropy Chat: Brad Whitehead on Economic Development Grantmaking at the Fund for Our Economic Future


Brad Whitehead, president of Cleveland's Fund For Our Economic Future, discusses economic development grantmaking and the organization that he leads. Fund For Our Economic Future is a philanthropic collaboration of more than 70 foundations and agencies that aim to increase economic competitiveness across a 16-county area.

Philanthropy Chat: Tobie Stein on Fundraising for Performing Arts


Tobie Stein, director of the Masters of Fine Arts Program in Performing Arts Management at Brooklyn College and author of Performing Arts Management: A Handbook of Professional Practices, describes the fundraising environment for performing arts groups and provides guidance for organizations preparing for their next fundraising campaign.

Denise Zeman on Grantmaking & Collaboration During the Recession


Denise Zeman, President and CEO of the Saint Luke's Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio, discusses grantmaking and nonprofit collaboration in response to the economic recession.

Philanthropy Chat: Paul Firstenberg on the 21st Century Nonprofit


Paul Firstenberg, author of The 21st Century Nonprofit: Managing in the Age of Governance, 2nd ed., explores transparency and accountability, board recruitment issues, the development profession, challenges for executive directors, and capacity building for small nonprofits.

Philanthropy Chat: Marcie Bergman on the Cleveland Arts Prize


Marcie Bergman, Executive Director of the Cleveland Arts Prize, discusses 50 years of supporting and encouraging artists and promoting public awareness of artistic creativity in Northeast Ohio through the work of Arts Prize recipients.

A Corporate View of Arts Funding


Representatives from Time Warner, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and Target discuss corporate funding for the arts and what they expect from the organizations they support. This is a recording of a live event moderated by Will Maitland Weiss, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of New York.

Philanthropy Chat: Shelly Cryer on Nonprofit Careers


Shelly Cryer, author of The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job That Makes a Difference, talks about transition rates in the arts sector, accountability standards, becoming an executive director, and preparing for a career in the nonprofit sector.

Philanthropy Chat: Glen O'Gilvie on Sharing Back Office Support


Glen O'Gilvie, Chief Executive Officer for the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, DC, talks about Back Office in a Box (BOB), a program that helps nonprofits share quality back office support in the area of financial management and accounting at reasonable costs.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Kawar & Susan Medak on Buying Real Estate During a Downturn


Jennifer Kawar of the Nonprofit Finance Fund and Susan Medak of Berkeley Repertory Theatre discuss best practices in planning your facility project and the impact that building acquisition or renovation can have on an organization's mission, programs, structure, fundraising and financial health.

Film, Fundraising, and Social Change


A filmmaker and a grantmaker demystify the various funding options available for grantseekers in film. This is a recording of a live event.

Getting Published: A Forum for Writers


Three writers share their individual stories and experiences about getting their work published. This is a recording of a live event.

Philanthropy Chat: Gail Nordheimer on Fundraising as a Career


Gail Nordheimer, CFRE, was named 2009 Outstanding Fundraiser by the Greater DC Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Executives. Find out what it takes to be an "outstanding fundraiser" and what may be in store for those considering or those already in the development field.