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Philanthropy Chat: Humera Fasihuddin and Eben Bayer Discuss Social Enterprise


Humera Fasihuddin, Program Manager/Outreach at NCIIA and Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative discuss funding for social enterprise.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Browning on Collaboration


Jennifer Browning is Executive Director of the Biodiversity Project and works directly with the Mississippi River Network, a 10-state, 30-member coalition.

Meet the Grantmakers: Focus on the Environment


Three New York-based grantmakers describe their giving in climate and environmental areas, including their average grant size, application procedures, and evaluation requirements. They also offer general advice about fundraising in the New York area, tips related to grant writing, and future trends that they foresee in environmental funding. This is a recording of a live event.

Growing Up Green


Learn how nonprofits can "think green" in the early stages of their development, and how modest changes can have substantial impact for agencies at any stage and in any location. Learn about the economics of going green and how environmental practices may affect fundraising, as the speakers encourage nonprofits to realize that their physical spaces are assets for communicating their values to the public.