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Frances Kunreuther on Catalysts for Change: How California Nonprofits Can Deliver Direct Services and Transform Communities


Frances Kunreuther discusses Catalysts for Change: How California Nonprofits Can Deliver Direct Services and Transform Communities.

Philanthropy Chat: Jim King on Collaboration


Jim King is Executive Director at Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, Inc. (FAHE), which is a regional nonprofit association of around fifty organizations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia.

Philanthropy Chat: Jeanna Capito on Collaboration


Jeanna Capito, founding Executive Director of a county-wide early childhood collaborative system, Positive Parenting DuPage, talks about how her organization is actually a collaboration itself, with over 150 partner organizations.

Philanthropy Chat: Caroline Woodward on Collaboration


Caroline Woodward, Director of Development and PR at Bethlehem Haven, talks about how her organization was founded as a strategic collaboration with five area churches focused on providing services such as alcohol recovery, health care, and dental services.

Philanthropy Chat: John Beahm on Supporting Student Humanitarian Work


The Jenzabar Foundation's executive director discusses the foundation's keen interest in supporting collegiate student leaders who are providing humanitarian efforts around the globe and the challenges and rewards of the foundation's work. The foundation's investments in education aim to foster a culture of service, and to teach and inspire future generations to create a better world.

Volunteers for the Arts


Learn to recruit, train, and manage volunteers for New York City nonprofit organizations. Get key advice about legal considerations, recognition, and finding volunteers who can provide professional services. This is a recording of a live event.

Philanthropy Chat: Anne Wilson on the Economic Downturn's Effects on Bay Area Nonprofits


Anne Wilson, chief executive officer for the United Way of the Bay Area, discusses findings from the United Way's recent survey of Bay Area nonprofits. She shares advice about strategies that nonprofits might employ to remain sustainable during these challenging times.