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Guía para escribir propuestas del Foundation Center (traducción de la 5a edición)


En asociación con Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) de Nueva York (Grabaciones para ciegos & disléxicos), el Foundation Center presenta una nueva versión en audio de la traducción al español de Guía para escribir propuestas, el libro más popular en nuestra serie de Guías para la recaudación de fondos. Es solo la segunda vez que el centro ha lanzado una publicación en formato de audio; la primera fue la versión en inglés de este título.

Philanthropy Chat - Dana Ostomel on Enhancing Your Year-End Fundraising with Crowdfunding and #GivingTuesday


Are you thinking of running a #GivingTuesday campaign? Listen to Dana Ostomel, founder and CEO of Deposit a Gift, as she discusses using crowdfunding and #GivingTuesday to enhance your year-end fundraising.

Philanthropy: The Next 50 Years


Distinguished representatives from the philanthropic sector share their thoughts and concerns about the future of philanthropy and respond to audience questions.

Philanthropy Chat: Faith Fuller Discusses Fundraising for Documentary Filmmakers


Author and filmmaker Faith Fuller discusses her background in fundraising for documentary filmmaking.

Philanthropy Chat: Peter Kim on Nonprofit Funding Models


Peter Kim, a manager at Bridgespan who focuses on growth strategies for nonprofits, explains why funding models are important, describes how to develop them, and discusses when they are most appropriate.

Philanthropy Chat: Jason Saul Discusses the End of Fundraising


Jason Saul discusses key points from his book, The End of Fundraising: Raising More Money by Selling Your Impact. Saul explains why traditional fundraising is expensive to do and describes how the social capital market can support nonprofits.

Philanthropy Chat: Marilyn Hoyt Discusses Reality Fundraising


Joe Winter from C4 Atlanta interviews Marilyn Hoyt, nonprofit consultant and Foundation Center instructor, about her program "Reality Fundraising: Lessons Learned from Successful Arts Organizations”, presented during Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center-Atlanta.

Philanthropy Chat: Marilyn Bancel on Effective Capital Campaigns in the Current Economy


Many nonprofit capital campaigns have been negatively affected by the current economic climate. In this issue of Philanthropy Chat, Marilyn Bancel, Fundraising Consultant with the Oram Group and author of Preparing Your Capital Campaign, discusses how to jumpstart or revive your capital campaign in spite of the current economy.

Philanthropy Chat: Susan Gordon on Facebook Causes


Susan Gordon, Causes' Nonprofit Coordinator, joins us to discuss effective use of online social networks for fundraising, integrating Causes into your organization's year-end fundraising plans, and insights for building community and fundraising opportunities online.

Philanthropy Chat: Kevin Johnson Discusses Planned Giving


In this interview, Kevin Johnson, founder of Retriever Development Counsel, talks about his book, The Power of Legacy and Planned Gifts: How Nonprofit and Donors Work Together to Change the World.

Philanthropy Chat: Kivi Leroux Miller Discusses Nonprofit Marketing


In this interview, Kivi Leroux Miller, a communications consultant and trainer, talks about her book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause.

Philanthropy Chat: Dr. Marybeth Gasman Discusses African American Family Foundations


In this interview, Dr. Marybeth Gasman, an associate professor at University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, talks about her report, A Growing Tradition? Examining the African American Family Foundation.

Government Grants and Contracts 101: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Applying for Government Funding


Jennifer Walty and Imad Olmos provide insiders’ accounts of the world of New York City government grants.

Don't Go it Alone: Fundraising for Small/One-Person Development Shops


Gregory Cohen and Susan Gabriel of Cause Effective discuss how small and one-person development shops can build powerful partnerships, prioritize, and meet their fundraising goals.

Capturing the Attention of the Next Generation of Online Donors


This presentation focuses on a landmark study by Edge Research, Sea Change Strategies and Convio: The Next Generation of American Giving. The research team analyzed the giving habits and communication preferences of Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Matures.

Legal Structures for Raising Funds in the U.S. to Support Foreign Charities


Laywers present legal frameworks for international charities or causes that wish to raise funds from U.S. donors. This is a recording of a live event.

Philanthropy Chat: John Lippincott on Alumnae Giving for Higher Education


John Lippincott, president of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, discusses alumnae giving and its critical role in fundraising for institutions of higher education.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Kawar & Susan Medak on Buying Real Estate During a Downturn


Jennifer Kawar of the Nonprofit Finance Fund and Susan Medak of Berkeley Repertory Theatre discuss best practices in planning your facility project and the impact that building acquisition or renovation can have on an organization's mission, programs, structure, fundraising and financial health.

Philanthropy Chat: Tobie Stein on Fundraising for Performing Arts


Tobie Stein, director of the Masters of Fine Arts Program in Performing Arts Management at Brooklyn College and author of Performing Arts Management: A Handbook of Professional Practices, describes the fundraising environment for performing arts groups and provides guidance for organizations preparing for their next fundraising campaign.

Philanthropy Chat: Morrie Warshawski on How to Raise Funds for Film and Video


Morrie Warshawski, consultant and author of Shaking the Money Tree: How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video, shares advice and lessons learned from his many years of helping filmmakers, arts organizations, and other nonprofit groups fulfill their fundraising goals.

Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: A Conversation With Two Nonprofit Sector Leaders


This unprecedented event brings together the presidents of the Foundation Center and GuideStar to discuss how nonprofits are weathering the economic storm, how foundations are responding to support the sector, and the challenges, strategies, and opportunities for both going forward.

Philanthropy Chat: Dalya Massachi on Writing Outstanding Fundraising and Marketing Materials


Dalya Massachi, founder of Writing for Community Success, discusses how nonprofits can enhance their fundraising effectiveness through writing to effect change in their communities.

Philanthropy Chat: Peter York on What Makes Nonprofits Sustainable


The senior vice president and director of research for the TCC Group discusses characteristics of successful nonprofits, based on a survey of nearly 700 nonprofits. The report found that effective leadership is the strongest predictor of nonprofit sustainability, followed by fundraising/financial management and program staffing and management.

Philanthropy Chat: Mal Warwick on Effective Fundraising During a Challenging Economy


Mal Warwick has just written the book on how to respond to the recession: Fundraising When Money is Tight. Listen to this interview, conducted by Janet Camarena of the Foundation Center-San Francisco, to learn how to use scenario planning as a tool, avoid common mistakes, plan for leaner times, and strengthen your case for giving.

Online Fundraising Strategies for Tough Times


Learn the best free or low-cost web resources available to nonprofits and essential aspects of viral marketing, e-mail appeals, social networking, search engine optimization, keyword metatags, and affiliate marketing. This is a recording of a live panel discussion.