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Embracing New Media Techniques for Nonprofit Fundraising

Sep 06, 2012  

Four panelists share advice to help you develop and implement strategies for using social media and mobile technology, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and text-to-give programs. 

How to Approach the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How does the Jewish Federation of Cleveland work?  How can your organization reach out to the federation and build relationships with the foundations involved?

How to Apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How do you apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland?  What types of support does the federation offer?

Special Events: Is this the Right Strategy for Your Nonprofit?

Aug 22, 2012  

Four panelists with experience in fundraising through special events share the information you need to determine whether fundraising with special events is the right strategy for your nonprofit. 

Tom McLaughlin on Joint Programming

Aug 20, 2012  

Tom McLaughlin, author of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances, answers questions about joint programming.

Adaptability: The Key to Long-Term Nonprofit Sustainability

Aug 17, 2012  

Our expert speakers share their insights on how an organization can monitor and assess change both within itself and in the sector and world as a whole, and prepare action plans that use the organization's strengths to take full advantage of the opportunities found in challenging situations.  

Financial Management for Nonprofits: Key Roles for Non-Financial Staff

Aug 14, 2012  

Paul Konigstein of Mission First Finance explains each staff member's role, ranging from the twelve ways every executive director should be involved in the organization's finances, to the three things every receptionist should do. 

Tom McLaughlin on Mergers and Acquisitions

Aug 08, 2012  

Tom McLaughlin, author of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances, answers questions about mergers and acquisitions.

Nonprofit Incubators: Nurturing Your Nonprofit Through Its Infancy

Jul 24, 2012  

Is your emerging nonprofit organization facing management hurdles it cannot yet handle? A nonprofit incubator could offer your group assistance with getting off the ground.

Inspiring Federal Employees to Support Your Nonprofit

Jul 18, 2012  

Director of the director of the New York City Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Mary Ann Sallas, gives an overview of the CFC and presented approved ways for nonprofit development professionals to take advantage of this collective fundraising campaign.

Tom McLaughlin on Administrative Collaborations

Jul 16, 2012  

Tom McLaughlin (author of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances and the vice president of national customized services at the Nonprofit Finance Fund) answers questions about administrative collaborations. This is the first video of a three part series where Tom McLaughlin answers questions about different types of nonprofit collaborations.

Outcome Measurement: What Do Fundraisers Need to Know?

Jul 12, 2012  

Julia Bator, the Chief Executive Officer at Fund for Public Schools, moderates the discussion at this Foundation Center special event that focuses on how to measure and evaluate your organization's impact and outcomes.

Meet the Grantmakers: Picking up Steam with STEM

Jun 21, 2012  

Learn from a panel of grantmakers about STEM funding in the Bay Area.

Legal Considerations Before Starting a Nonprofit

Jun 13, 2012  

Laura Butzel and Jean Tom from Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP discuss common legal issues that arise when starting a new nonprofit.  Presented in collaboration with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

3 Critical Steps for Success: An Arts Funder Outlines Key Practices for Grantseekers

Jun 12, 2012  

Jill Paulsen, director of grants programs from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC), shares three key practices that prospective grantees should engage in.

Meet the Grantmakers: What’s Trending in the World of Foundations?

May 31, 2012  

A panel of Bay Area grantmakers discuss timely topics in philanthropy after the 2012 Council on Foundations conference.

Saint Luke's Foundation: Grantmaking Strategies for Solving Complex Problems

May 08, 2012  

Learn about recent changes to the Saint Luke's Foundation's grantmaking from LaTida Smith, Vice President, Programs, Outcomes and Learning.

Collaborating for Good

May 01, 2012  

Find out how nonprofits are collaborating, what's motivating them, and how foundations are supporting them.

Health and Human Services Funding and the New Normal

Apr 26, 2012  

A panel of grantmakers from institutions that support health and human services organizations share best practices in working with foundations during challenging economic times.

Taking in the View From the Cliff: A Conversation with Daniel Stid

Apr 25, 2012  

Daniel Stid, Partner at The Bridgespan Group, shares key findings from the recent report, "View from the Cliff: Government-Funded Nonprofits Are Looking Out on Steep Cuts and an Uncertain Future."

Nonprofit Issues Forum: Was Tocqueville Right? Civil Society’s Critical Role in Democracy

Apr 20, 2012  

Bruce Sievers leads a panel discussion on how nonprofits and philanthropy can address civil society's role in holding democracy together.

Foundation Center Training: Welcome Aboard

Apr 19, 2012  

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare to learn the skills that will help your nonprofit succeed. Welcome aboard!

Social Enterprise & Sustainability: A Conversation with Paul Lamb

Apr 19, 2012  

Paul Lamb, Principal, Man On A Mission Consulting, defines social enterprise and sustainability and offers a few tips on assessing your nonprofit’s social enterprise readiness.

Nonprofit Collaboration Agreements, Contracts, and MOUs

Apr 12, 2012  

John Marzulli and Stephen Besen of Shearman & Sterling LLP address the main technicalities that you need to know about when putting your collaboration into writing. This program was presented in collaboration with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Conversation with Authors Chad Norman & Melanie Mathos

Apr 05, 2012  

Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos, co-authors of 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits, offer practical social media advice for nonprofits strapped for time and money.