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What Makes a Proposal Stand Out From Others?

Dec 02, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

What Is the Most Common Mistake You See in a Proposal?

Dec 06, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

Making Time for Making Change: Terri Sandu Talks Strategic Planning

Dec 14, 2011  

Terri Sandu, executive director of Hard Hatted Women, talks about strategic planning.

Your Organization’s Financial Statements and the Stories They Tell

Sep 28, 2011  

Learn how to use your organization's financial statements as management and communications tools.

Fiscal Sponsorship for Artists

Aug 11, 2011  

Learn about fiscal sponsorship arrangements and what an application for fiscal sponsorship might look like.

Fundraising for Independent Filmmakers

Aug 10, 2011  

Get concrete advice and ideas from experienced filmmakers about fundraising for your independent projects.

Beyond the American Dream: An Interview with Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing Co-founder Linda Fuller

Sep 30, 2011  

Dr. Jamil S. Zainaldin, president of the Georgia Humanities Council, speaks with Mrs. Linda Fuller about her late husband Millard Fuller’s new memoir, Beyond the American Dream.

Environmental Funding: A Conversation with John Mitterholzer

Dec 09, 2011  

John Mitterholzer, senior program officer for the environment at the George Gund Foundation, discusses the local environmental funding landscape.

Internal Fundraising Audits: A Conversation with Tim McCormick

Dec 13, 2011  

Tim McCormick of McCormick Consulting sheds light on how organizations can learn to diversify funding streams through an internal fundraising audit.

State of the Arts with Lisa Cremin, Director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund

Oct 03, 2011  

Lisa Cremin, director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, provides insights on recent trends in the arts.

How To Be Seen: The ABCs of Outreach with Hermione Malone

Nov 09, 2011  

Hermione Malone, Manager of Community Outreach for University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center speaks about successful communications and outreach strategies.

Funding for Education: A Conversation with William Hiller of The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Oct 21, 2011  

Dr. William Hiller, Executive Director, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation talks about funding for education and gives tips on approaching funders.

What is Personal Branding? A Conversation with Cynthia Klug

Oct 26, 2011  

What is personal branding, and how does it benefit you and your organization? Cynthia Klug answers these questions, and more, with expert tips from Positive Edge Consulting.

Advancing Your Development Career: Tips for Success

Sep 13, 2011  

Learn from a panel of development experts how to take steps to advance your career in fundraising.

Is Fundraising the Career for You? Assessment Strategies for Jobseekers

Aug 26, 2011  

Guest speaker Dr. Beth Ross helps you learn how to assess your own career goals, job skills, and professional experience to see if they align with a career in fundraising.

Emerging Arts Professionals: A Conversation with Adam Fong

Oct 20, 2011  

Adam Fong, Co-Founder of Emerging Arts Professionals (EAP), SF Bay Area, discusses the importance of networking and building community among fellow arts professionals.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?: A Conversation with Dianne Debicella, Fractured Atlas

Oct 12, 2011  

Dianne Debicella, Fractured Atlas, defines fiscal sponsorship and discusses why an individual artist or emerging arts organization may opt for fiscal sponsorship.

Best Practices for High-Impact Nonprofits with Heather McLeod Grant

Oct 07, 2011  

Heather McLeod Grant, senior consultant at the Monitor Institute, and co-author of the book Forces for Good, discusses high-impact nonprofits. Heather was a guest speaker at the Foundation Center's 2011 Network Days, which took place in San Francisco, CA.

Nonprofit Strategic Alliances: A Conversation with Kate Dewey

Oct 24, 2011  

Forming a strategic alliance can be a difficult undertaking for an organization. Kate Dewey of Dewey & Kaye Nonprofit & Foundation Consultants discusses some strategies and “red flags” to watch out for when forming an alliance.

Deb Hermann of Ghostlight Productions Shares Tips on Special Event Planning

Oct 21, 2011  

Many non-profits struggle to throw successful special events. Deb Hermann of Ghostlight Productions shares tips on how to throw the right event for your organization.

Nonprofits and Social Media: A Conversation with John Kenyon

Oct 07, 2011  

John Kenyon, Nonprofit Technology Educator & Strategist, discusses the dos and don’ts of social media for nonprofits. John was a visiting speaker at Network Days, 2011.

Using Your Social Networks to Create Impact: A Conversation with JD Lasica

Jul 20, 2011  

JD Lasica, founder of Socialbrite, answers the question: “What are the top three social media musts for nonprofits?” and forecasts the next hottest tool.

Scholarship and Education Funding: The United Negro College Fund

Sep 16, 2011  

Vallery Gaines, Area Development Director of UNCF (United Negro College Fund), talks about scholarship and educational funding.

Outcome Thinking and Management: A Conversation with John La Rocca

Sep 27, 2011  

John La Rocca talks about the important of an outcome management-based approach.

Nonprofit Collaborations: Focus on Mergers

Jul 27, 2011  

This panel discussion centers around nonprofit mergers and the legal and leadership issues involved in this type of collaboration.