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Creating Content That Connects: Producing Effective Videos, Blogs, and Podcasts for Your Nonprofit

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 10:00 am - 11:30 am 
In-person | New York, NY

Check-in: 9:30 am

When created and published thoughtfully, media products like videos, blogs, and podcasts can be an invaluable tool for engaging the public.

However, many nonprofits are jumping into producing these products without an understanding of what makes good content, or how audiences for are built and maintained for these types of media.

Join us as David Hoffman of the communications firm CitizenRacecar presents an introduction to the principles of content marketing and the pitfalls that might stand between your organization and success. Learn how the strategic use of multimedia can invigorate your supporters and boost your fundraising, impact, and message in the long run.


32 Old Slip, 24th floor
New York, NY 10005

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