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Everything You Wanted to Know About Podcasting But Were Afraid to Ask

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 11:00 am - 11:30 am  PT

Serial, This American Life, RadioLab, WTF. Podcasts are so hot right now, even your mom listens to a few. Many nonprofits are jumping on the bandwagon. And why not? Podcasts are very easy and inexpensive to produce. Creating a quality podcast and disseminating it to a large audience is another story…

Join us for a livestream with Eliza Smith, Story Producer & Fiction Editor, NPR’s Snap Judgment. Eliza lends her knowledge of the ins and outs of creating and sustaining a podcast series for your organization. We’ll discuss the technical aspects of starting from scratch to make a podcast, as well as how to create interesting content, and locate your audience.

Eliza Smith

Eliza Smith is a story producer and the fiction editor at NPR's Snap Judgment. She's also a media specialist at the Foundation Center. She lives and works in Oakland, California. 

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