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*Special Program* Don't Survive, Thrive!: Major Gift Prospecting for Small and Medium Organizations

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 10:30 am - 12:00 pm  ET
In-person | Washington, DC

There is a huge divide in nonprofits today-budget and revenue. 95% of nonprofits have an annual budget under $10 million. Most problems in our nation aren't $10 million problems. Yet, many nonprofits rarely learn basic lessons in fundraising that would help change this statistic and help them grown financially. Many nonprofits survive, and that's the word, on a few foundation gifts, maybe a mailing list and maybe some government money. The world of individual major giving and prospect research is often considered the arena of universities, hospitals and museums. But why? Let's not just "survive" and get by....let's raise enough money to fulfill our missions and change the world! There is no reason any institution, regardless of budget or staff size, can't start a major gifts program. It's the key to longevity and growth for your nonprofit.

During this course you will...

  • Learn the basics of individual major giving, including the investments and commitments needed to grow this powerful and dynamic revenue stream.
  • Break down the components of prospect research, events and staffing.
  • Discuss the basic skills a staffer needs to prospect and make those initial phone calls. 
  • Demystify prospect research and show you how you can access the power of knowledge in fundraising.

This will be an interactive and engaging presentation that will fire you up to raise more money!

About the Presenter:

Armando Zumaya

Presented by 32 year veteran development officer and lecturer. He has lectured at Foundation Center SF, APRA, AFP Chapters, AFP Hemispheric, APRA Chapters, BBCON,, GIFT and many others. He has been quoted and interviewed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Currents, Grassroots Fundraising Journal and other publications.


1627 K Street NW, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20006

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