Foundation Center trainers love their jobs. No, really, they do. Helping nonprofits build their skill sets in order to strengthen their organizations is truly rewarding and inspiring. If you've taken one of our in-person classes or even a webinar, you may have felt their enthusiasm and passion firsthand, especially if you met one of some of our fabulous teachers like Sarah Jo, Leeanne, Luz and Susan, just to name a few.

They love connecting with you, answering your questions and supporting your learning process. Unfortunately, they can't be everywhere, so geographic constraints and packed schedules often get in the way of us reaching as many people as we'd like to help.

This was on our minds as our Capacity and Leadership Development team began to explore ways to expand our eLearning offerings. And now, after months of hard work, we've rolled out our brand new comprehensive training that is both interactive and mobile: Foundation Center's Online Proposal Writing Course!

In order to give you the best experience, we've expanded our roster of trainers to support us in delivering this special training designed for busy professionals like you. We'd like you to meet Felicia the Foundation Center Expert and Gwen the Grantmaker. Felicia and Gwen will be guiding Pam the Proposal Writer through the grant proposal writing process to show you the ropes.

Felicia takes a lead role in a proposal writing makeover. As you dive into each lesson of the Online Proposal Writing Course you will watch Felicia as she counsels Pam the Proposal Writer on how to make her proposal more competitive. At the end you'll be able to download the final version of the proposal incorporating all of Felicia's feedback.

From another perspective, Gwen the Grantmaker is also on hand to offer her commentary on real proposal samples throughout the course - excerpts of proposals we've received from actual funders. Gwen will tell you what works and what doesn't, offering great tips for writing a strong proposal. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself! Here's an excerpt of her "real talk," summing up what she looks for in a proposal:

While we love the knowledge that our new trainers bring to this course, what we are most excited about is that they can follow you anywhere you go! Don't worry, they won't be lurking behind bushes - they are mobile and can be accessed through all your devices at any time. Online Proposal Writing Course is all about working with your schedule - learning at your own pace, at your own time.

So whether you're at home, in the office, or in line for a cup of coffee, any time is a good time to get to know our new team members and the valuable insights they will share. Join us in the celebration of expanding our reach by checking out our eLearning course today!


Caroline Herbert

CAROLINE HERBERT has been teaching courses in fundraising, grants research, proposal writing, and related topics since joining Foundation Center in 1998. As Instructional Design Manager, she is responsible for designing, implementing, and delivering the Center's training programs online. Her focus is on creating optimal learning experiences for nonprofit professionals in the virtual environment.


Lizz Carroll

ELIZABETH CARROLL, Community Content Manager, is part of Foundation Center's marketing and communications team and is responsible for developing and directing the Center's national social media strategy and incorporating online tools to build relationships and ultimately strengthen the organization's brand, both online and off.

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