Funders vary in their geographic scope.

Like nonprofits, foundations and corporations vary in their geographic requirements for their grants. Some funders are highly local and will give only in a certain county or city while others will give grants all over the U.S. or internationally. Some funders that have several grant programs might have different geographic requirements for each one.

So, as you start your funding research, the quickest way to create a useful list of prospects is to look for funders who give where you serve and for your subject area or population. One of the top reasons for rejecting a proposal is that the project didn't fit within the funder's giving interests. A little extra effort in your research can help save you effort and avoid this outcome.

First and foremost, read the foundation's eligibility requirements. Foundations that have websites generally will publish this info. Foundations that don't have websites will often state application requirements in their Forms 990, which you can access for free at several websites, including Foundation Center.

Foundation Center databases also let you search by subject and geography, among other criteria, so you can quickly narrow down 140,000+ grantmakers to a manageable number of decent prospects.

Foundation Directory Online

Our best-known resource to find grantmakers lets you search by funder's location or geographic focus (i.e., where they give), in addition to several other criteria, like subject area. Many funders tend to give where they live, but as of this writing, 1,861 give nationally and 2,317 give internationally.

Subscribe to use Foundation Directory Online from your own location, or use it for free at our libraries and 400+ Funding Information Network locations.

Foundation Maps

Foundation Maps, one of Foundation Center 's data visualization platforms, has two new features that will help you visualize who is funding what in your geographic area:

Area Served. State, county, and city level data is available for U.S. locations. Country and city-level data is available for non-U.S. locations. You can also drill down to see the foundations and recipients of those grants.

World map shaded by number of grants received

Constellations. Map your network to discover new points of connection within specific issue areas or geographic locations. This feature generates a hub-and-spokes view of a universe of funders and recipients.

Visual display of how grantees & funders are connected in India

Foundation Maps Professional 2.0 contains data on more than 3 million grants, 38,000 foundations, and 350,000 recipients, and new data is added every week.

How can you explore Foundation Maps? Three ways to do this:

-- Sandy Pon
GrantSpace Specialist

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