many frightened people sitting in a movie theater and wearing 3-D glasses

Now that you've gotten the top five tips for successful grant proposals, you also should learn what not to do.

(cue scary soundtrack) Just in time for Halloween, enjoy this montage of scary proposal moves, cleverly connected to some classic scary movies, courtesy of Foundation Center librarian Stephen Sherman, who's on our Atlanta, GrantSpace, and Online Librarian teams.

For your reading pleasure, you now can get them all in this convenient (virtual) box set. Click on a title below to read the whole post. Don't forget your popcorn!

Frightening Proposals

Foundation staff review stacks upon stacks of grant proposals each year, some of which have hints of Frankenstein's Monster, The Blob, and Night of the Living Dead. Read on...

Frightening Proposals II

With a nod to some classic horror films, here are some of the habits that provoke dread and angst in the hearts of proposal reviewers. Read on...

Frightening Proposals III: Return of the Grantseeker

The renewal request may sound easier than applying as a first-time applicant, but little mistakes can lead to a 'no' the second time around. Here are some of the perilous pitfalls that can put a dead end to your hopes of applying to a funder a second time. Read on...

Frightening Proposals IV: Grantseeker's Revenge

Previous entries explored the common failings of grantseekers in approaching foundations and applying for grants. This time around, we examine a few of the habits of grantmakers that can cause so much agitation for nonprofits during the funding process. Read on...

Frightening Proposals V: The Final Submission

For the fifth post in our series, we return to our origins and cover more of the bad habits of grantseekers that keep foundation staff up at night. Read on...

Share your own proposal pratfalls in our Comments area. Don't worry: In GrantSpace, no one can hear you scream.*

-- Sandy Pon (with thanks to Stephen Sherman)

* tagline from Alien

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