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Where can I learn more about hiring a consultant?

Hiring a consultant is like hiring an employee. You need to match what you want with the skills and experience on offer, check references and figure out how much to pay. These suggested guides can help you find pro bono and in-kind consulting help, too.

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Where can I learn about executive transitions in nonprofits?

One of the most important responsibilities for nonprofit boards is selecting the organization's next executive director. The search and transition can be complex, and both generally require careful planning, well before a planned-or unplanned-departure occurs.

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How can I learn about involving youth in volunteering and philanthropy?

Check out, a service of Candid that aims to inspire, connect, and inform youth-led grantmaking. Find youth grantmaking programs near you, the causes and projects they give to, and the foundations that support them. Want to start a youth-led program? Learn how they operate, best practices, and how to stay connected with similar programs that are part of this growing movement.

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