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How long should nonprofit organizations retain business-related records?

According to part VI, section B, question 14 of the IRS Form 990 instructions, " document retention and destruction policy identifies the record retention responsibilities of staff, volunteers, board members, and outsiders for maintaining and documenting the storage and destruction of the organization’s documents and records."

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What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a unique, nine-digit identification number that the IRS assigns to organizations in order to track their tax accounts and annual returns, much like a Social Security Number is used for individuals.

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Where can I learn about ethics in fundraising?

Successfully raising funds and donations from private institutions, government or individuals requires a certain amount of experience and skill, not the least of which is a firm understanding, and a consistent practice of, raising funds in a responsible ethical manner.

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Where can I learn more about nonprofit audits?

Sometimes federal and state agencies and/or grantmaking foundations require nonprofits to provide audited financial statements. And sometimes nonprofits choose to undergo an audit to reassure supporters, board members, and other stakeholders that they are financially sound. For smaller nonprofits, a financial review is often enough to satisfy a funder.

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