Most of our information comes from Form 990s that we get from the IRS. We also glean information from your annual reports, financial statements, grants lists, application guidelines, web sites, and other public communications.

You can also help us ensure that the information we present about your grantmaking is current and correct! Here's how:

  • Tell us if you find any wrong information. Our frontline staff will forward it to our editorial team for corrections. Use Foundation Directory Online Quick Start for free to review the basic information we have on your foundation.
  • Use Foundation Center Updater to update your profile. Grantmakers can register for this free service. Once we've verified your identity and activated your account, you can submit and update your profiles in Foundation Directory Online. Updates will usually appear within one week.
  • Use our free Electronic (eReporting) Reporting Program to send us your grants data directly. Sharing your information directly with us through e-reporting ensures that the timeliest information is available to the sector and that the story of your foundation's giving is told accurately.
  • Fill out your foundation's questionnaire carefully, and return it to us in a timely manner. Every year we mail a questionnaire with a copy of our database entry to foundations with assets of more than $1 million or over $50,000 in annual giving. Entries include contact information, financial data, giving interests, and application information. We also mail out questionnaires to all community foundations.

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