Our Training Focus

  • Fundraising

    Strengthen your fundraising ability by gaining the hard and soft skills required to be an effective leader of an organization or cause.

  • Organizational Sustainability

    Find the path to long-term success. Strengthen your organization's approach to governance, board leadership, collaboration, and accountability.

  • Leadership and Management

    Learning opportunities designed to grow the "networked leader," maximize your human resources, market your mission, and communicate your impact.

Type of Training We Offer

  • Live Training

    At any stage of your career, you’ll be inspired by transformative training that builds your skill set, introduces you to cutting edge ideas and practitioners, and takes you to the next level. Learn from our team of experts through hands-on exercises, connect with peers, and develop the leadership skills needed to amplify your career.

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  • On-Demand Training

    Master the process of seeking grants from foundations and corporations, on your own schedule. We offer interactive eLearning courses and access to webinar recordings. Access the training you need, anywhere in the world.

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  • For Organizations

    From big-picture overviews to hands-on activities that let you practice what you just learned, we can deliver training in the format and at the skill level that works best for your team. In-person workshops provide the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from experts and peers while self-paced eLearning and webinars allow your team to learn on their own schedules.

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Upcoming Events

Live Training and Special Events

In-person or online, learn from our training experts and your peers in the field.

On-Demand Training

Access the training you need, on your own time.


Meet the Funders: Capital Funding

So many funders say they don’t give grants for capital expenses. Come meet three who do, and find out why they give, and how you can identify and secure potential capital funding prospects for your own campaigns.

Topic(s) Fundraising Foundation Giving