Training Details

Friday, October 19, 2018

9:30 am - 4:30 pm ET

Foundation Center Northeast
1627 K Street, NW
Third Floor
Washington, DC


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Surveys are often great way to get the information you need for planning and action. A survey can reveal what’s supported by data—and provide examples and quotes to make the data meaningful. You may undertake a survey for many reasons, such as to better understand an issue and potential solutions, to gain ideas for shaping effective strategies, or to demonstrate your value to stakeholders.

For your survey to deliver credible and useful results, you need to start with a good survey design. That requires careful planning to decide useful questions to ask, avoid biasing the answers in a way you didn’t intend, and make the survey clear and engaging.

Based on the instructor’s experience conducting surveys for dozens of projects, this workshop will walk you through how to design an effective survey. This workshop will be interactive, with individual and small group activities, demonstration, and discussion.

You will leave with a survey that’s been reviewed by the instructor and by your peers.


  • How to build and test your survey questions to avoid common problems.
  • How to write survey recruitment messages that encourage response.
  • How to set up your survey to facilitate response tracking, follow-up, and data analysis.
  • How to ensure that your survey research is ethical.

Intended Audience

Grant writers
Marketing, communications, external affairs
Program directors and staff


Bernsdette Wright, Ph.D. Founder Meaningful Evidence View Bio