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Thursday, November 8, 2018

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm ET

Foundation Center Northeast
32 Old Slip
24th Floor
New York, NY


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Registration for this program is at maximum capacity, but a livestream will be available. The day of the event, you may participate virtually at the following links:

Morning Sessions, 9:30-12:30 (Opening Remarks, Tax Bill, and GDPR):

Afternoon Sessions, 1:45-4:45 (DEI, Donor-Advised Funds, and Closing Remarks):

This session is part of our full-day convening: The Future of Philanthropy: Thriving in a World of Change. To go back to the full agenda, click here

As the fastest-growing giving vehicle in the United States, donor-advised funds grew more than four times more rapidly than individual giving between 2012 and 2016, comprising 8.3% of individual giving in 2016 as the fastest-growing giving vehicle in the nation. The trend is expected to continue, as the creation of a donor-advised fund becomes an ever-more appealing option to those who once would have either given philanthropically as an individual donor, or created a family foundation.

However, while the advantages to donors are tremendous - a strong tax incentive, along with the option of anonymity - nonprofits without personal connections to high net worth individuals have been understandably wary of the rapid ascent of donor-advised funds, as many funds can serve as tax shelters for the wealthy, with little accountability or regulation compared with the extreme transparency of the foundation world.

But through vehicles that act as encouraging partners, there is immense potential for donor-advised funds to leverage dollars towards an overwhelming impact in communities. Join us for a special conversation on the use of donor-advised funds as resource mobilization on a grand scale, as the leaders of two of the sector’s most social justice-minded foundations discuss the groundbreaking ways in which they operate these giving vehicles. Far from allowing money to sit dormant in donor accounts, learn how these funders act as close partners to the donors behind their funds, encouraging and advising them to move resources to the communities that need their support most, when they need it most.

Join us to gain a new perspective on the fastest-growing vehicle in philanthropy, how nonprofits of any size can access this type of support, and what the future holds for social change at a time when both charitable giving and the nation as a whole experience an era of metamorphosis.


Tracy Kaufman, Community Outreach Manager
Foundation Center


Jennifer Ching, Executive Director
North Star Fund

Jarrett Lucas, Executive Director
Stonewall Foundation



  • Learn about the mechanics of donor-advised funds, and why they are growing rapidly as a giving vehicle for high net worth donors.
  • Discover how some foundations are leveraging donor-advised funds as a tool to achieve philanthropic goals in their communities.

Intended Audience

All levels of experience
Board members
CEOs, executive directors, upper management
Fundraising & development staff
Grant writers
Marketing, communications, external affairs
Nonprofit startups
Program directors and staff