Training Details

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

9:30 am - 11:30 am ET

Foundation Center Northeast
32 Old Slip
24th Floor
New York, NY


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New nonprofits often think of it’s easy to have communications and marketing take a back seat to program activities and service delivery. But, you can’t deliver any services without communicating effectively. A nonprofit’s communication strategy is vital to an organization’s success as it’s the vehicle for sharing a broader message with the world.

Join us for a rich discussion in which our panel of communications experts will give you the tools and lay out next steps to start telling your organization’s story. Our panel will offer insight into:

  • how to create a strategic communications plan that will help you reach your organizational goals;
  • how to develop a nonprofit’s message, brand, and identity;
  • how storytelling makes the difference between dry content few people engage with, and engaging content that contributes to your organization’s bottom-line and goals;
  • how to use the wide array of tools and channels available to tell your story, including social media, public relations, petition activity, and publications; and
  • how your new nonprofit can generate a communications budget and fundraise to make it grow.


Michael Crawford
Cultural Director,

Matt Davis
Communications Director, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

Nicole McGarrell
Principal, Sunny Day Marketing

About The Nonprofit Formation Fundamentals Series:

New York Lawyers for the Public InterestCandid., and Support Center are running our third Nonprofit Formation Fundamentals Series to help individuals gain a basic understanding and the skills needed to start a nonprofit organization. If you are thinking about starting a nonprofit, recently established a nonprofit, or are new to the sector and want to learn more, join us for this special FREE series. Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions to receive maximum benefit. Feel free to sign up for as many as you are able to attend:

Tuesday, April 2: Part I: Legal Considerations Before Starting a Nonprofit
Tuesday, April 9: Part II: Financial Management Basics for Newly Established Nonprofits
Tuesday, April 16: Part III: Best Practices for Good Governance and Board Development
Tuesday, April 23: Part IV: Fundraising Essentials for Newly Established Nonprofits
Tuesday, April 30: Part V: Communications Planning and Marketing Basics for Newly Established Nonprofits



  • Learn how to gain an audience as a new organization
  • Learn how to market yourself as both a compelling and credible organization
  • Understand how to plan communications effectively

Intended Audience

Board members
CEOs, executive directors, upper management
Fundraising & development staff
Marketing, communications, external affairs
Nonprofit startups
Program directors and staff