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Notable time-points:

  • Panelists respond to arts buzzwords and their impact on their work: 00:19 min mark
  • How do Panelists advise potential grantees to position themselves for a strong relationship with foundations?: 11:28
  • Discussion of solutions to  tight nonprofit financial situations: 21:27
  • Discussion of grants for afterschool programs: 25:31
  • Discussion of funding for private art projects: 26:49
  • How can smaller organizations compete for funding when some grants have minimum budget requirements?: 31:22
  • What kinds of stories appeal to foundations? 38:02
  • Discussion of funding for operating expenses vs. programs: 51:21

Panelists describe their organizations' funding priorities as they pertain to arts organizations, share current regional arts funding trends, share new or emerging areas of interest, discuss recent leadership transitions in regional foundations and reflect on best practices for securing foundation support.


Intended Audience

All levels of experience
Fundraising & development staff
Individual grantseekers

Published Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Topic(s) Foundation Giving Find Foundation Donors

Subject(s) Arts and Culture