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Note: The audio cuts in suddenly, just as the guest presenter is about to be introduced. You will not miss any of the main content. Also you will hear an echo for about the first three minutes of the recording, but then it disappears.

The New Normal may not have arrived yet, but we are making progress in stabilizing and even growing our arts organizations. Join this webinar to hear about what’s really working now for actual arts groups around the country. Using case studies drawn from a variety of successful arts organizations, Marilyn Hoyt will help participants think through fundraising planning in the context of the realities we are all facing. Key questions to be discussed include:

  • Where is my organization on its institutional maturation curve?
  • How does that influence where opportunities for fundraising exist?
  • What tools can I use to identify and research funders that are the right fit for my organization?

Intended Audience

All levels of experience
Fundraising & development staff


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Published Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Topic(s) Fundraising

Subject(s) Arts and Culture