Shifting the Narrative to Advance Racial Equity

Learn best practices and new approaches to communications proven to advance equity across issues and communities.

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How can I get funding for my personal project?

Personal or independent projects -- for example, traveling overseas for a mission, attending summer camp, raising money for a specific person in need -- typically are not eligible to receive foundation grants. However, if your project is artistic or research-related, or its primary purpose is to serve a larger audience and improve the community, you could consider fiscal sponsorship as a means to qualify for foundation grants.

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¿Qué son las microfinanzas? ¿Cómo puedo aprender más acerca de este tema?

De acuerdo a ACCION International, una organización no gubernamental que ofrece microcréditos, las microfinanzas son "la provisión de servicios de la banca o financieros dirigidos a hogares o microempresas de bajos o medianos ingresos económicos, incluyendo la opción de microcréditos."

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