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1 hour, 30 minutes



Too often, the fire that fuels those of us working in the social sector ends up becoming the fire that burns us out. Across the nonprofit world, organizations are perpetuating unhealthy work cultures, getting mired in conflict and divisions, and struggling to respond to systemic issues proactively instead of reactively. Nonprofit staff often end up feeling anxiety and hopelessness, working ineffectively in their teams, and traveling on the path to burnout. This live, online training will enable you to cultivate resilience-based practices in your own lives and in your organizations, to create a culture of sustainable activism. In the session, you will be guided through an assessment of your individual, team, and organizational resilience. You will learn how to develop effective methods of self and collective care, understand how stress and trauma impact individuals and teams, and learn strategies to cultivate stronger team communication to address conflicts and resolve tensions.


Upon completion of this video, you will be able to:

  • Identify and address the causes and impacts of stress and burnout for yourself and your organization
  • Evaluate your communication and conflict styles
  • Explain how team dynamics are affected by stress
  • Assess areas in which you and your organization can implement more resilient practices and select the relevant practices to apply

A Special Welcome to:

  • Nonprofit Staff
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Grant writers
  • Nonprofit startups
  • Program directors and staff

Intended Audience

All levels of experience
CEOs, executive directors, upper management
Fundraising & development staff
Grant writers
Marketing, communications, external affairs
Nonprofit startups
Program directors and staff

Bonus Materials

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Access the Regeneration Wheel booklet here:



Jump to sections of the video using these links:

05:41 What Rhiza Collective is

06:02 An Opening with a Poem

09:31 Fire That Fuels: Program Overview

11:43 Stress & Resilience

20:07 Principles for Regenerative Organizing

24:49 Air: Beliefs & Boundaries

38:46 Fuel: Policies & Structures

47:42 Friction: Dynamics (Resilient Groups)

59:22 Fuel Your Fire: 1-2-3

1:02:36 Connect with Rhiza Collective

1:04:52 Q&A


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